Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Mystery Dinner

If you've never had a mystery dinner before, than you are missing out. It had been so long since I had a mystery dinner, that when I saw this cute Valentine themed one, I just knew thats what I wanted to do for our Valentine's Day Dinner. I found the idea and the menu downloads from Gourmet Mom on the Go.
Here's how it works. You give a menu to each of your "guests". They get to choose 3 things for each course of the meal. After you have everyone's marked menu, you bring out one course at a time and watch the giggles and laughter begin. Each item on the menu has a made up silly name, so you never know what you are going to get.
Maddy's first course was a spoon, pasta sauce, and a mini cupcake. She thought it was so funny. Libby got an ice cream sundae, a drink, and ranch for her first course, and she erupted in giggles. She had to eat her sundae with her fingers as she didn't have utensils yet. The funniest part was that all 3 of my kids ordered the actual pasta noodles for the last course, so they couldn't figure out what the pasta sauce was for. It was hilarious. It was so much fun to do, and so much fun to watch their reactions. I can't wait to have more Mystery Dinners.
I had my items all lined before hand, so it would be easy to serve courses in a timely manner. The kids loved having individual containers for each menu item.I changed my menu here and there from what Gourmet Mom had just to fit our family better, but you could play around and completely change it up. Here is what our menu consisted of:

Puppy Love: Strawberry Soda
Cupids Arrow: Ranch Dressing
Love Trouble: Mini cupcake
Rising Love: Garlic Bread
Melted Hearts: Pasta Sauce
Angels Coiffure: Angel Hair Pasta
Kissing & Hugging: Spoon
Girls Best Friend: Carrots
Persuader: Fork
Cold Shoulder: Ice Cream Sundae
Heart Breaker: Croutons and bacon bits
Snuggles: Salad
Lots of Pick up lines: Shredded Cheese

I've always loved Valentine's Day. I think it is wonderful to have a day set aside to show the people you love how much you care. There are so many fun treats to make and fun games to play. I love watching my kids eyes light up when they open their Valentine Bags. This year was sad for me to be without my sweetie, but I think we'll make up for it when he gets home. You don't have to get flowers or chocolates or presents to love Valentine's Day. You just have to give your heart, and feel the love in return.
My favorite part is reading my homemade Valentine's from my kids. My oldest wrote everyone poems this year, and they were adorable.

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