Monday, September 27, 2010

Zhu Zhu Pet Snacks

I have done a lot of fun snacks and dinners with my kids lately. So keep checking back for some great ideas. I'm a little slow at posting, but I get there eventually!! ;)

My 6 year old LOVES zhu zhu pets. She spent all of her birthday money (40 smackeroos) on zhu zhu pets, accessories, and misc... While I love her passion, I don't love that she likes to build their tunnels and slides right in the middle of the kitchen floor. It makes for some interesting mishaps. ;)
When I told her we were making zhu zhu pets to eat, she flipped. She was so excited! Heck, I even had fun making one.
As you can see by the picture, the main "ingredient" is Twinkies. I thought it would be comical to see my kids reactions to Twinkies as they have never had one. I'm not against junk food by any means, but I have never, never, not even in the least little bit found them appetizing. I'm more of an ice cream girl... ;) My kids were intrigued, but had more fun playing with them and squishing them than eating them. Ha! We found this fun idea on Gourmet Mom On The Go.

Okay, so here's what you do:

Mini M&M's (for eyes)
Butterscotch chips (for tails)
Starburst Candies (for ears)
Jelly Belly Candies (for noses)
White Icing
uncooked thin spaghetti noodles, optional (for whiskers)

Set your twinkie on a plate and add two dots of white icing.
Smooth icing dots together to make your Zhu Zhu's face.
Gather your candy and get ready to decorate!
Cut a starburst candy into four equal pieces and microwave for 5-8 seconds. Use each piece to shape an "ear" (one starburst will make four ears). Attach to twinkie with icing.
Using icing, attach M & M candies, butterscotch chip tails, press jelly bean into face, and add whiskers (optional). Pipe out icing "wheels" on each side of the Zhu Zhu treat.

Here are some of the variations my kids came up with. It was a fun filled candy crazed night, and so worth every minute. They've been talking about it for days and bragging to all their friends about their creations.

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Erin said...

This is really cute!