Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Goals for a Food Lover

I'm excited for the new year and all of it's possibilites. This year I have set some Food goals that will be fun. Feel free to join me... or just sit back and laugh at my feeble attempts, either way I hope you enjoy my adventures.

MONTHLY MENUS - I'll be planning monthly menus at the beginning of each month. I'll break it down into weeks and have a grocery list already written for each week of the month. That way I'll be going to the store once a week and have all the ingredients I need to make all the meals that week. Just for fun, I'll post my monthly menus on here. Or would you rather me do it weekly? Any thoughts?

TRIM AND BUSHY-TAILED TUESDAYS - In case you didn't know and so we're on the same page, "Bushy tailed" is a synonym for healthy. I will be posting more healthy recipes on Tuesdays. I'm especially looking forward to finding some yummy healthy snacks for the kiddies and for me.

BREAD - Need I say more? I want to bake more bread, rolls, and baked goods. I even want to attempt to grind my own wheat?? We'll see how that goes... It may not be as intimidating as it sounds.

FOOD STORAGE - I'm also going to be posting some recipes that help you dig into your food storage and rotate foods. It's not as hard as it sounds, I promise! This will also help you get an idea of what types of things to put in your food storage.


Damery Family said...

I love the idea. I think my family is getting a little tired of me making the same things over and over again. I am excited to see whats on your menu. Thanks

Jami Key said...

Someday I hope to be like you. You are so ambitious and amazing!

Evan and Kinsey Zinser said...

I am so excited. I will be following.

beardmommaof4 said...

I think you should post them weekly! ;) I really want to plan my menus weekly too. We did it last week and saved me a lot of time stressing over what to make for dinner. By the way, I love grinding my own wheat for bread, but it's made super easy with an electric wheat grinder. Are you going that route?

Sadie said...

Jolene, I have no idea about the grinding my own wheat, so I was just going to research on the internet and see what I came up with. Do you have any suggestions? I know you are the master bread baker!