Monday, October 26, 2009

Spooky Spiders and Creepy Critters

I just love Halloween. There are so many fun snacks and treats to make. I love making them (and eating them) just as much as my kids. These were so much fun to make, and turned out super cute. My kids were absolutely ecstatic about these spooky spiders and creepy critters. They didn't taste half bad either. ;)

Spooky Spiders

Halloween Oreos
1 tsp. frosting
Mini M&M's
Black string licorice

For each cookie, cut eight 1 1/2 inch pieces of licorice for legs. Insert four pieces into the filling on each side of each cookie.
With the frosting, attach 2 mini M&M's to the top of each cookie for eyes.
And Voila! Spooky, but yummy spiders!

Creepy Critters

HoHo's or similar chocolate snack cakes
Chocolate and vanilla frosting
Assorted candy (we used M&M's, Mike and Ike's, candy corn, and mentos)
Fruit roll-ups

For each critter, use icing to attach candy however you want.
Cut fruit roll-up into tongue shapes; attach to cakes.
Pipe teeth with frosting.

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