Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chicken Cacciatore

I found this recipe on Feed Your Family. Not only was it delicious, but all the many different flavors made for an incredible aroma. It is such a hearty meal that when I ate it for leftovers, I didn't eat it over the pasta. It is great on it's own too.

Cooking time is over an hour, but for most of that time, it just sits on the stove, requiring no attention. This recipe should be enough to feed 10 people. You could cut it in half, or freeze part of it for a smaller group.

3 lbs chicken thighs (I actually used breast)
1/2 lb thick sliced bacon
1 yellow onion
2 carrots
2 stalks celery
2 (28 oz) cans tomatoes
1 1/2 c red wine (I used apple juice)
2 c chicken broth
2 portobella mushrooms
10 white mushrooms
1 tbsp. oregano
1 tbsp. chopped fresh rosemary
pinch or more of crushed red pepper flakes
5 or 6 cloves minced garlic
black pepper
2 lbs pasta (linguini is best)
1/2 c fresh, chopped parsley

Dredge chicken thighs and fry in olive oil until golden brown. Slice bacon in little strips and fry in a pan until cooked but not crispy. Chop onion, carrots, and celery and sautee on moderately high heat until vegetables start to get some color. Squish the tomatoes with your hands and add them with their juice to a large pot. Add wine, broth and chicken. Slice the mushrooms and add them to your pot. Add the rest of ingredients, except parsley to the pot and simmer for an hour. While cooking break up the chicken a little bit with the wooden spoon.
Boil the pasta. Right before serving add the parsley. Serve over the pasta.

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